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Empowering Caregivers for Enriched Learning at Home!


Engage in our educational workshops designed to empower caregivers with effective teaching techniques and strategies for enhancing learning at home.

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Access a vast array of digital resources, including educational materials, activity ideas, and expert articles, all aimed at enriching the learning experience at home.

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We forge strong partnerships with local schools, educational institutions, and organizations, amplifying our efforts and expanding the reach of our mission to empower learners across Kenya.

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Keep Kenya Learning is a collaborative initiative led by education organizations from across Kenya.

Our mission is to empower caregivers with the essential information and resources they need to support and enhance learning at home.
  • Build awareness of the importance of learning at home
  • Provide guidance on caregivers’ role and how learning at home can happen
  • Increase access to resources to promote learning at home


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Helping caregivers foster learning at home in Kenya

Providing information about the benefits and quality of education to caregivers is a “great buy”, according to the Global Education Evidence […]

How TV can improve behaviour among children and families in Kenya

Although learning was not part of the overt objectives of the TV at its introduction in Kenya in 1962, it […]

The importance of caregiver engagement in supporting learning beyond the classroom

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, parents, teachers, students and policymakers have been exploring how to support students to learn at […]

We have a podcast!

On this podcast, we share the perspectives of parents, learners and the organizations that support them both. We share our successes, mistakes, and lessons. In the hope that they may serve others in their journey to support caregivers!

KKL's interactive workshops made learning at home enjoyable for my kids. Thank you for empowering us as caregivers!

Empowering Education at Home
Monica WanguiParent

The digital resources hub complements classroom education, sparking curiosity among students

Bridging Classroom and Home Learning
Vincent RasuguTeacher

Thrilled to be part of inclusive community events that uplift education standards!

Fostering Supportive Communities
Thomas KamauCaregiver

Keep Kenya Learning's collaborations expand access to education resources in our community.

Driving Positive Change Through Collaboration
Eloise WafulaCommunity Leader

The recommended books and apps opened up a world of knowledge and imagination for me!

Opening Doors to Knowledge and Imagination
Ernest OnyangoStudent

Expert articles provided valuable parenting tips and teaching strategies.

Empowering Caregivers with Expert Advice
Friday KaloiParent

Multilingual resources ensure all children have access to quality education.

Ensuring Equal Access to Quality Learning
Michael OmindeCommunity Member