AboutPEE Consortium

The Parental Empowerment and Engagement consortium is a group of dedicated educators, child development experts and community experts who believe in the power of parental involvement to shape a child’s future.

We understand that parents and caregivers play a critical role in a child’s success and by providing them with the right resources and tools we can develop a positive and nurturing environment for children to thrive.

By fostering a strong partnership between parents, educators and communities, we aim to create an environment where children can reach their full potential and become empowered and ethical citizens.

The consortium implements its activities under the PEE guidelines of 2019 and under the guidance of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development(KICD) and in close collaboration with National Parents Association(NPA).

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    Goals of the PEE Consortium

    To build a supportive community where parents, educators and stakeholders come together to share ideas, exchange experiences and collaborate on initiatives that promote meaningful parental involvement in education.
    • 01.
      Generate Evidence

      Generate evidence on Program Effectiveness and Efficiency (PEE) to inform strategic decision-making processes.

    • 02.
      Create Safe Spaces

      Create safe spaces for organizations to collaborate in diverse thematic areas, fostering synergy and collective impact.

    • 03.
      Resources Repository

      Establish a common repository of tools and resources, facilitating easy access and sharing of valuable information among partner organizations.

    • 04.
      Create Opportunities

      Provide opportunities for organizations to fundraise as a team, strengthening financial capacity and amplifying social impact.