Kuku amfanyia Tai hila

A narration of the book Kuku amfanyia Tai Hila, a Swahili Story on the chicken and the Eagle

Mbuni na Simba

A narration of the book Mbuni na simba, a Swahili Story on the Ostritch and the Lion.

Mbweha na Sungura

A narration of the book Mbweha na Sungura, a swahili story on the fox and the rabbit.

Panya na Paka

A narration of the book Panya na Paka, a Swahili Story

Baboon Tyrant

A narration of the book Baboon Tyrant, a tale of a tyrannical baboon who ordered other baboons to always follow his instructions without failure or questions.

Girl Rising Family Guide

Stories inspire us. They encourage us to see the world differently. They show us what is possible. We have put together the Girl Rising Family Guide to help bring these stories and conversations into your homes. It includes links to the film chapters, additional supporting short videos, discussion guides, and more.

Anansi, the Crows, and the Crocodiles

A narration of the book Anansi, the crows and the crocodiles. A Ghanaian folktale of a greedy Anansi who tricks his friends the crows into giving him more than his share of figs. 

Teens Rising Together

The Rising Together activity, is a journey through a one-hour interactive introduction to the Girl Rising stories—stories about courage and hope—ending with a social media project. Connect with girls around the world and learn why educating girls is important to each one of us, no matter where we live. In this activity, you’ll watch two […]